【Happy Halloween Sale】Swissvita Eyelash Enhancing Serum (VitaBtech Upgraded) (6ml)

Take care your baby lashes like how you take care your precious hair!

Exclusively added two major ingredients : German patented Procapil ® patented and French patented CAPIXYL™ to nourish hair.
Keep eyelashes rich and long while using Bio-energizer to strengthen every eyelash, keeping eyelashes in healthy condition.

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  • Product Details
  • Key Feature
  • How to Use

Product Details


  • Build up a healthy condition for eyelash growth.
  • Maintain eyelash elasticity.
  • Reduce discomfort of eye area. 

Key Feature

  • German patented Procapil ® & French patented CAPIXYL➡️

    stimulates hair growth, improves the health of eyelash follicles, and reduces the hair loss

  • Bio-energizer➡️ strengthens and nourishes the lashes
  • VitaBtech™ ➡️ repairs skin and forms a protective barrier for the skin

  • How to Use

    Can be used day and night and apply the Swissvita Eyelash Enhancing Serum on the roots of your lashes.

    CAUTION:  If irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately. Please avoid putting the serum to your eyes.

    Size/Weight: 6ml

    Skin Type: All Skin Types

    Target: Thin and uneven lashes, Does eyelash extension, Wears fake lashes, Wears mascara, Soft and delicate eyelashes

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